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Do you hate visiting the hair salon?

Do you cringe at the thought of stepping into a salon? Do you freak out, get anxious or are down right petrified to sit down in front of that mirror and have anyone touch your hair? We get you. Going to the salon can be really daunting, confronting and not a relaxing time for some people. Whether it’s that you have had a bad hair experience previously, you don’t know what you want or how to convey it. You hope that the hairdresser won’t totally destroy your crowning glory! Or maybe it’s just you feel intimidated going into a salon where you feel you don't relate or know anyone.

4 life hacks for you, so you can have an amazing experience at the salon. 1/ Photos! Photos! Photos! This is the key to a great consultation with your stylist. There are many shades of blonde and different versions of dark brown depending on who you’re talking to.. isn’t that right? So we recommend bringing at least 3 pictures of the style, colour or cut that you are wanting and also if you want to get really clever show your hairstylist some photos of what you don’t like. Then everyone’s all on the same page before starting anything on your hair. 2/ Try before you buy - a free consultation is a great way to build trust and confidence with your stylist and salon environment. If you’re nervous about getting your hair done be sure to pop in to have a genuine chat with a stylist that can guide you and help you talk about what your hair goals are and what you are wanting to achieve with your hair. 3/ Choose Wisely - do some research, check the reviews and make sure you feel comfortable that you are going to be getting quality and friendly stylists looking after you. You also have to know if the salon environment and culture is the right fit for you. That way you feel comfortable and can be yourself while enjoying the experience.

4/ Baby Steps - if you previously have had a bad experience and you have sworn you would never step foot into another salon, start with baby steps. A cut or just a few foils to start. You don’t have to go gunho and do a total overhaul first time. Then you will feel better about going again and again when you realise it wasn’t so bad after all and there are definitely professional and qualified stylists out there that genuinely care for you and the condition of your hair.

We hope that gives you a couple of little tips to break that bad feeling that you may previously had at a hairsalon and if it's helped you or know of someone that it might help, please share with the link on the bottom of the page. At Clay Hair we pride ourselves on creating hair masterpieces for each unique guest, we create a friendly, welcoming space that makes our guests feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. We also create a culture that’s all about others, our team, our guests and our community beyond us by giving 2% of services to a different local charity each month.

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