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What is with my post-baby hair??

So you have just had a baby, pregnant or 3 months post partum?

Great!! So you’all know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!

That fringe that suddenly appears (that’s soo not in fashion), hair that’s coming out in droves and you are certain your going bald or your hair feels like some tangled dry mess that you don’t think you will ever get those luscious locks back, ever!

Yep, am I right? Well good news it’s definitely normal! Most other woman on the face of the planet that has ever had a child has most probably gone through this so your definitely not alone. I’m one of them! But I’m here to let you know how to survive this crazy hair time!

First, why is this happening to me?

Before the freak out about how much hair you are losing it’s totally normal to lose at least 100 hairs a day anyway (phew). Here’s the technical part (stay with me) each hair on your head has a growing stage (Anagen) and then a resting stage (Telogen). Hair keeps growing for quite a while then it has a rest which then after that it falls out after a couple months to make way for new hair and then the cycle repeats itself.

During pregnancy you have a rise in hormones and your hair tends to go into a more resting stage so you don’t lose hair as you normally would. Hence the thicker hair when pregnant and then bub arrives and hormones level out and then you go back to losing hair again and thats why your feeling like your losing more hair than usual.

What can you do??

There are plenty of ways to help!

  • If you can sport a fringe - go for it! This will hide the new hair growth around your hairline and any balding spots

  • Don’t pull your hair up tight with hair ties etc leave it out and free flowing!

  • Don't brush hair when its wet - use a wide tooth comb - it will prevent it from breakage

  • Hair loss can be a sign of a thyroid issue so a check with your local GP could be helpful

  • Eat a nutritious diet and drink plenty of water - when your body is not fuelled with good stuff it will show in your hair

  • Use a sulphate free salon shampoo and conditioner - sulphates dry out hair whereas good quality sulphate free products nourish the hair

  • Deep conditioning treatment isa great way to make your hair feel amazing if its dry and lets face it if your hair is good then your good!

  • Have a chat with your hairdresser about a style that will suit you and make the most of your hair in this season.

Most importantly, this to shall pass and your hair will regain its strength and vitality once again! Always remember your hair doesn't define you, your beautiful,hair or no hair.

If you wanted some advice or to chat about what would suit you we are more then happy to help. Sometimes it takes an outsider to give you some insight and perspective on looks that will be best suited to us.


Clay Hair - 197 West St Toowoomba - 46 394376

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