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5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Looking Glam This Festive Season

So your like everyone else on the plant right now that has a thousand and one social parties, gatherings, work functions and family get togethers to attend from now until the 25th December, Christmas!! Am I right? Yep, well you want your hair on point, so you can face the world and swish those locks around like its nobody's business! haha

Well here are 5 hot tips to get you and your hair party ready

1 - TRIM THOSE LOCKS - You heard me, no hairstyle is going to look good if your ends are frazzled, No matter how hard you try to straighten them out! So if it's been more than 8 weeks since your last haircut, you need to book in pronto. You will thank me later after you will be able to run your hands through your hair without them getting stuck in a tangle.

2 - WASH & BLOWDRY THE NIGHT BEFORE - Being prepared and organised takes the stress out of, everything! So if you know you have a function coming up, prepare by washing and blow-drying the night before so it's pretty much ready to go. When you wake in the morning throw some curls in or smooth the ends quickly to give you a glam look.

Now you can concentrate on getting dressed, making that salad or grabbing that last minute gift!

TIP - use a silk/satin pillowcase to keep your bed hair tame and put on a shower cap to prevent hair getting wet in the shower.

3- BRAID OR HEAD SCARF - It's all the rage and in fashion at the moment to sport a fancy side braid or simple plait to make your updo sensational. If that's a bit hard to handle you can find some amazing head scarves that transform your hairstyle from bland to grand. Perfect to cover your roots when you haven't had a chance to get to the salon and also if you need to wash (which segways us into tip no. 4 nicely)

4- DRY SHAMPOO - This stuff will be your best friend at this time of year! It's amazing the haircare that is available these days to help you. Dry Shampoo is so simple to use, you just spray each root section and rub it in a little to dry out excess oil from your roots. Total lifesaver! Make sure you use a professional salon one as they tend to have a finer mist so you don't end up with a white hair line.

5- LEAVE IT TO THE PROS - If you have a special event to attend and your just strapped for time or your just not savvy in the hair department. You can definitely make an appointment with your hairdresser to give you a quick glam and go undo, a fresh blow-dry or a fancy braid to take the hardwork out of doing your hair. It will save you a bit of time and you will walk out feeling great!

This season really is " the most wonderful time of the year". Its so cliche but it's so true. In all of the busyness of life at Christmas time be sure to enjoy yourself, slow down be safe and ultimately remember the true reason for this season. Have a Happy Christmas from us to you!

ps. if you have found this informative, slightly entertaining or maybe just a good read I'd love to hear about it and if you might share it around :)

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