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Hairdresser Jargon??

Ever felt like your hairdresser is talking in another language while your sitting in the chair? Tint, gloss, reflect, semi...... The list goes on doesn't it??

We are here to shine a bit of light on the subject and after reading this you should know exactly what your hairdresser is talking about! Lets say it's a bit of a hair-glossary for you.


Hair tints, in other words are permanent hair colours. It will change your colour permanently and will leave a definite line on your hair when it starts to grow out. It does gradually fade over time. A must for coverage on those silver hairs!


A semi permanent hair colour is only temporary. It will fade out usually after 6-8 weeks. Shampooing, sun and wind all contribute to your colour fade. Semi colour only deposits pigment on the outside of the hair shaft not penetrating the inside, like a permanent colour.


A hair gloss is an awesome way to get the benefits of a colour such as lots more shine and softness, but without altering the colour of your hair as it is. So all those blessed with ridiculously amazing natural colour that everyone comments saying, "I want your colour", this is for you! It also brightens up dull hair that is needing a pick me up.


Toning basically changes the tone of colour of your hair. Think about the colour yellow, there are so many shades of yellow you can get e.g. canary yellow, mustard, golden yellow etc. Similar to blonde hair, golden blonde, beige blonde, cool blonde- depending on what blonde you like your stylist will mix up the correct toner to achieve your desired look.


When light hits the hair it will throw off different reflects of colour. Thats why our hair colour can look so different under natural light and when your standing in front of your bathroom mirror. Its particularly noticeable when you have just had a fresh colour.


This explains how light or dark your hair is. On a scale from 1 being black and 10 being really blonde, your hair sits somewhere along that line. Light, medium and dark are terms used to determine what your natural hair colour level is.

This is only scratching the surface with all the technical terms that are used but these are some of the main ones to help you understand your hairdresser and whats actually going on up there better. It's important to realise though, its such a detailed process in colouring hair so its best left to the proffessional. You will get a colour that suits you, will last much longer and look incredible.

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