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10 Do's and Dont's for your best hair!

Hi, So glad you clicked! We definitely know who we would want to look more like - so to have hair like Jennifer Aniston rather than Brittany Spears, read on....



DO a weekly treatment for heavenly locks. You will feel and see the difference.

DO use salon recommended shampoo and conditioner- Sulphate free is the best. You use less and it lasts longer.

DON’T overuse hair styling products otherwise you will feel dull and greasy. Less is more.

DO use a heat protector spray when using your straightener, blowdryer and curlers.

DON'T damage your hair with too much sun, surf and wind. Protect it by using a leave in moisturiser when you hit the beach or pool.

DO get regular trims. It's the secret to long, healthy hair.

DO use Olaplex with every hair colour service. It’s insurance for your hair and the end to hair breakage.

DON’T eat the junk. Your hair is a true reflection of your health on the inside. If you want your best hair, consume the good stuff and keep hydrated.

DO use a silk pillowcase when you sleep. It will keep your bed hair tame.

DON’T ever use a brush on wet hair, use a wide tooth comb. Prevents your hair from breaking and excess damage.


Thanks for stopping by and reading our best kept secrets on how to have your best hair!

We use a range of Sulphate and Paraben Free shampoo and Conditioner at Clay Hair and we want to give you it to try on your hair. You will notice the difference!

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